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Migraine disease is a common yet often misunderstood neurological condition affecting a significant portion of the global workforce. Despite its impact on employee health and business performance, migraine remains undertreated and stigmatized, particularly in the workplace. 

This guide provides a four-step plan for employers to support workers with migraine, improve employee health, minimize absenteeism and increase productivity, including:

  • Provide Access to Migraine Treatment
  • Combat Stigma and Promote Your Resources
  • Manage Migraine Triggers in the Workplace
  • Address Underlying Causes of Workplace Stress

Employers can implement the strategies outlined in this guide to create a more inclusive and supportive workplace for employees with migraine, ultimately improving employee health and business performance.

In addition to this employer guide, HAA’s free Migraine in the Workplace toolkit includes:

For further assistance or information, please contact us at hello@healthaction.org

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